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Migrate Sharepoint (WSS 3.0 to Sharepoint 2010) version and move location at the same time

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I’m currently trying to work out the best way to deal with an upcoming project, community input would be most welcomed.  We have a WSS 3.0 (aka Sharepoint 2007) site collection currently being hosted by a remote company.  Our only access to this server is via the internet.  Authentication is via an AD domain on the hosting company site run by them.  We have a custom page to add users to the domain and another to reset passwords but no direct access to the domain.  We have to move off WSS 3.0 to Sharepoint 2010 by next May and it has been suggested that we host it on one of our Sharepoint 2010 servers.  We do not have any WSS 3.0 servers on site, the hosting company do have Sharepoint 2010 servers on their site.  Total size of the collection is approximately 250GB and 700 users.  Whilst we run and support  Sharepoint 2010 all the sites we have on it are created from scratch so we’ve never done an upgrade

I see three possible ways forward here:

  1. Get the hosting company to upgrade the site collection on their site and leave it there.
  2. Get the hosting company to upgrade the site collection on their site and then export the collection.  We then import the collection onto our Sharepoint 2010 server
  3. Get the hosting company to export the site collection.  We set up a WSS 3.0 server and import the site collection.  We perform the upgrade on site.

Option 1 would, I think, be easiest as the new server can be pointed the same domain so we won’t have to recreate users or migrate them across domains.  As far as the user is concerned there might be some changes to the appearence of some pages (we’d continue to use the default.master master page, which we do on an number of our existing Sharepoint 2010 sites, but have found that there are some minor differences) and recreate their alerts, we can even point the same URL to the new server when we cut over.  I think whether we can take this option will depend on how much our hosting providor charges us (both for the upgrade and the ongoing hosting costs).

Option 2 would avoid the issue of us having to do the upgrade but mean that we would have to host our own AD server and migrate the users onto that or link the server to our existing domain and match the users on Sharepoint up to that.  We’d have to consider the additional cost of setting up the new AD vs the ongoing hosting costs at the providor.

Option 3 is the worst of the lot.  This is the only WSS3.0 site we have to migrate so any skills gained are not likely to be used again and we’d have to create a new AD domain.

The sites do have a limited life, they are used by some large transformation programmes which will be winding down in the next couple of years.  At that point the sites’ contents will be copied to shared network drives for archiving.

I’ve also posted this question at EggHead Cafe.

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July 10, 2012 at 2:40 pm

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