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Drill up but not down

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In Sharepoint 2010 Designer (SPD) once you’ve inserted a dataview you can also insert a Related Item View (another data view which is linked to the first by lookup fields).  Unfortunately it seems you can only drill up,  not down.

Suppose you have three lists: ListA, ListB and ListC.  ListB has a field which is a lookup on ListC and ListA has a field which is a lookup on ListB.  If  you put a dataview based on ListB on a page you can insert a Related Item view to link to related items on ListA (i.e. drill up) but not on ListC (i.e. drill down).  If you have ListA as the source of your dataview then you cannot insert a Related Item view, if you use ListC then you can drill up to ListB.

We discovered this on a site where we have Business Areas that use Applications which are based on Technologies.  These map to ListA through C in the above, there is a many-many link between these lists (some Technologies are used by multiple Applications and some Applications are used in multiple Business Areas).  From the Technologies list we can drill up to the Applications list (which applications use this Technology) and from the Applications list we can drill up to the Business Areas (which Business Areas use this Application), but not the other way.  The problem we have is that management want to have alerters for Applications which use Technologies that are approaching their end of support date.  this would be possible if there was a one to many join (one technology is used by multiple applications but each Application uses only one Technology) but not with a many to many or with Related Item view.

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February 21, 2012 at 4:38 pm

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