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Fields show in Datasource for columns but not in filter dialogue

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Got handed a wierd issue this morning.  One of my colleagues had created a pair of .aspx pages each containingthe same set set of dataviews.  Each page displayed the same set of views but filtered by a different field (one by project the other by service area, the filter value being passed via a paramter in the URL, the service area page was a straight copy of the project page with just the field that was being filteredon being changed).

The project page worked fine, as did most of the dataviews on the Service Area page.  There were a couple of dataviews on the Service Area page where it was possible to insert the Service Area column into the dataview fore display but it (along with a number of other columns) did not appear in the filter dialogue.  This got passed to me to resolve.

I tried refereshign the datasources, to no avail.  I checked the XSL, seemed fine.  Similarly the lists seemed fine and the other dataviews on the page seemed fine.

To resolve the issue I located the filter line in the code and manaually changed the field name from the project column to the service area column.  This resolved the issue and then not only did the service area field appear in the filter dialogue but so did all the others that had previously been missing!

Searching the web for this problem returned no useful hits.

This was WSS 3.0 (aka Sharepoint 2007) and Sharepoint Designer 2007.


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January 13, 2012 at 1:55 pm

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