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Changing SP2010 site to WSS3.0 template

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Sometimes when you’re running a Sharepoint 2010 site you want it to look like a WSS3.0 (aka Sharepoint 2007) site.  For example, one of my colleagues wanted to do this because the customer was still on Internet Explorer 6 and if they tried to use a site with the Sharepoint 2010 appearence it didn’t work, by switching it to the WSS3.0 look made it work.

It’s actually quite simple to make this change.  Open the site in Sharepoint Designer and go to the Master Pages folder.  There should be 3 files: default.master,  minimal.master and v4.master.  Sharepoint 2010 is infact basically WSS 4.0 so the default master page is v4.master.  To use the WSS3.0 template just right click on default.master and select set as default.  You will get a message box warning you that you are changing to a version 3 site and asking if you want to go ahead.  If you select to go ahead and then open up your site in the browser you will see that it now looks like WSS3.0.

You do obviously lose some functionality by doing this,  anything to do with the ribbon being the most obvious, and some SP2010 functionality does leak through (the  ‘Site Actions’  menu is slightly different to WSS3.0) but it’s pretty close.  If you do need to use functionality accessible only from the ribbon then you can easily switch back to the SP2010 template by right clicking on the v4.master file and settign as default then when you’re done change back to default.master.


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October 11, 2011 at 10:05 am

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