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Filter doesn’t work for some users

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We have a document library in Sharepoint 2010 with a filter on it.  We pass a parameter in the URL and pick it up with a Query String parameter.  We then filter for files that begining with the characters in parameter:

The URL: would be like:


and should display the documents where the filename begins 909090 (e.g. 909090_cost_calc.xls).

We have used filters like this in other pages and they’ve worked fine.  This works fine for me but for a couple of users it’s like the filter isn’t applied at all.  Rather than seeing just the files with filenames beginning with the prameter string they see all of the files.  I’ve have checked their permissions and there’s nothing that seems out of the ordinary.  I’m wondering if anyone has seen anything like this before or can suggest anywhere I should look.

I’ve posted a question on Egghead Cafe about this but have yet to have a usable responce.


[Edit to Add, 2011-08-01 16:36]

Resolved problem.  Turns out sharepoint was service different pages to those users as for them the real page was in draft.  Why that should be I don’t yet know and suspect PEBCAK played a role.  Now seems to be working for them.


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August 1, 2011 at 1:55 pm

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